Friday, July 10, 2009

Blue Birds got chomped.

Each day I scout the fields. Its rewarding to walk around and admire nature. This is a picture of a frog nestled in a corn stalk. But the surprises are not always good.

The blue birds were working on their second brood. The first brood was reasonably successful. Five eggs were laid, four hatched, and three survived fledging. The second brood was off to a great start too. Four eggs were laid and four hatched. Oddly the male blue bird mysteriously disappeared after the hatchings. After ten days without a visual I accepted the worst. But with the female and four healthy little ones the future seemed bright.

Today on my tour the male was on the fence singing a song. This wasnt the courting song or the mating song or the build the nest woman song or the feed my children song. This was certianly a new song almost sad. But he was singing from the highest branch on the largest apple tree and he followed mama all around the orchard. Odd behavior particularly since neither bird approached the nest. Those nestlings must be hungry?

Lets just say the suspect has paws and claws. Muddy paws and sharp claws. Upon close inspection two nestlings were buried under the ransacked nest. Very weak but alive. The wrecked nest was fashioned into a less wrecked nest; not as neat as the original but at least it had a deep cup. Two frail nestlings were placed back into the nest. I also tucked in a few wishes too.

Within five minutes both mama and papa were on the scene. Papa was singing a different song, this time less sad more confused while mama scrounged for juicy bugs. So there is hope.

The lesson here is education and preparation. Next time I lack the time to learn something or the motivation to be prepared, I will think of the horror my little blue birds endured. Nature is nature and cannot be defeated but with education and preparation at least we can improve the odds.

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