Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week of March 15 2010 : Geauga!

Yeah for Geauga Fresh Farmer's Market!

Our application to participate in the Geauga market has been accepted! I started growing in Geauga soil when I was a little boy. Well, my mom had a garden and I helped pull weeds but mostly swatted bugs. The market is well rounded and very competitive. And we have many friends and family in the area. So participating in this market is gratifying from many perspectives.

In other news, we started the Scotch Bonnet habanero peppers. These seeds need to be started about two weeks earlier than other peppers. We have grown this variety for more than ten years and every year I marvel they actually set fruit and ripen to maturity. Its an angry little pepper. Whether we use them for cooking or sauces, we always include honey too. The honey suppresses the searing heat just long enough to taste the flavor.

What do they taste like? Visit our stand and discover for yourself! The Habaneros are usually ripe towards the end of August.

For people who need heat sooner, we will also have Anaheim, Jalapenos and Serranos towards the end of July. The Jalapenos are particularly awesome!

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