Monday, October 8, 2012

Week of October 8 2012 : Oh Yeah!

Here is a photo of Francie eating a butternut squash.  She was already done eating her dinner.  But instead of whining for a dessert, she calmly walked to the serving dish, pulled up a chair, and continued eating the butternut.

This summer was somewhat different than previous summers.

Most everything was the same.  We were busy watering and weeding.  The plants looked healthy, the vegetables had great taste, and we worked late into the night to maintain the harvest.  We went to bed certain beyond any doubt we put forth full effort.

But somehow this was easy.  There was less stress.  There was no strain.  What was different?

Oh yeah, I forgot about the blog.  I wasn't thinking about which photos to take, dreaming up catchy titles, or wondering if a topic was appropriate.  And I wasn't hunched over a keyboard hoping I could translate thoughts into a post.


Now the down side is we didn't tell our story.  We won't be able to share all the fun we had on the farm.  How Francie got lost in the squash patch.  Or how Nathaniel learned to prune a tomato plant.

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