Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 2013 : Blossoms

Here is a photo of the raised beds.  No, it's actually a photo of the beautiful apple trees in the background.  Last year was such a devastating year for fruit and the trees have a natural reaction - to come back stronger the following year.  This year the blossoms were most numerous and fragrant than anyone can remember.  All cultivars blossomed at the same time, too, for an extra point on the that-is-so-awesome scale.

Onions were transplanted a few weeks ago and have happily adjusted to life in the field.  The first stand of sweet corn has been planted and so have beans and edamame although the dry weather may delay germination.

Rainfall is forecast for this week so that will encourage germination.  It will also help put the finishing touches on the raised beds.  Once the beds contain sufficient moisture I can make one pass with the rototiller to prepare a smooth bed then immediately cover with plastic mulch.

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