Friday, June 1, 2012

May 2012 : Capital Improvements

Here is a photo of Nathaniel protecting his transplants.  Each night we read a story at bed time, and lately his favorite book is "Bear and Bunny Grow Tomatoes".  It's a story about an over achieving bear and an under achieving bunny and their relative successes at gardening.

There is a specific passage about Bear growling to protect his tomatoes.  Nathaniel decided his role is the bear, so he is empowered to growl at me.  Logic doesnt get too far with toddlers, so I dont bother explaining that I cannot be stealing his tomatoes because young transplants dont have tomatoes.

This was the spring I learned another valuable lesson.  I will never say I am busy, ever again.

This year I decided on another significant capital improvement.  Fencing the entire field.  This meant removing the existing fence and installing the new fence.  Easy enough.

But just as I was pulling the last corner post, my wife walks outside with a slow but purposeful stride.  I have seen this stride before.  A life changing conversation was coming my way.

The following exchange confirmed my suspicions, that our third farm hand was in the early stages of development.  Great!  Except for the wicked morning sickness that soon followed.  Morning sickness is not limited to mornings; afternoons, evenings and night times are equal opportunities for sickness.

I soon took on additional responsibilities around the house, from laundry and dishes to being the first responder to every middle-of-the-night yelp.  That and the full time plus, off the farm job kept me moving and tired.

Factor in the fencing project.  Moving faster and very tired.

Now factor in the starting seedlings, shaping beds, laying irrigation and laying mulch.

Somehow I survived these loong days.

The fence is up and the majority of the early season work is done, all on schedule.

Now we can relax and watch it all grow.

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