Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week of June 11 2012 : Extras

Here is a photo of Nathaniel and Francie looking at the extra transplants.  They are discussing and deciding which seedlings they want to transplant.  Nathaniel is well prepared with his green shovel.  They chose two cantaloupes and further decided the best location was in their sandbox.  It's great to share the experience.

All the spring transplanting and direct seeding is finally done.  The eggplants, peppers and tomatoes were transplanted about three weeks ago and are already setting fruit.  The cantaloupes and watermelons were transplanted about a week ago and are already vining.  The transplants has been unaffected by the dry weather.  In fact, they are thriving in the heat.

The direct seeded plants are more of a challenge.  The dry soil has hampered germination, although we have taken measures to counteract the conditions.  During seeding, we incorporate vermiculite into the soil to minimize soil crusting.  Then we laboriously hand water until the seeds germinate.  This technique has produced great results.

Next up is the fifth and final stand of sweet corn.  Four stands have been planted, emerged, and are in various stages of growth.  Once that stand is planted, then its back to the greenhouse to start the fall transplants!

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