Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week of October 3 2011 : More Pumpkins

Here is a photo of Nathaniel posing with his pumpkin. It reminds me of the classic photo of a father and son posing in a snow covered corn field with the son's first buck. Now I understand what is so significant about the photo. It's not the deer (or pumpkin), it's the magic of sharing time, sharing smiles and sharing success.

His first hunt was a disaster. He sat in the pumpkin patch then cried and screamed. The sound really echoed through the valley. All the neighbors were out for their evening walk and witnessed the tantrum. Good photo opportunity gone bad.

Now onto his third pumpkin hunt and the experience shows. He didnt settle for a pumpkin along the edge of the corn field. He walked all the rows once then he returned to the biggest and orangest pumpkin of all.

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