Monday, November 7, 2011

Week of September 12 2011 : Tradition

Each summer, I fall at least weeks, if not months, behind our blogging schedule. I try to post weekly during the market season and monthly during the off season. As harvesting chores demand more time the first non essential chore to be sacrificed is blogging. I am not a talented writer and during peak season I dont have time or energy to compensate for lack of natural ability.

So each year, it is tradition, after the season is over, to review notes and catch up on the posts. That's why there is such a disconnect between topics and dates. Field grown tomatoes and November? Factor is a ten week lazy delay and it makes sense.

Here is a file photo of our Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes out in the field. These are the tomatoes that won the Best Tasting Cherry Tomato contest at the Geauga Fresh Farmer's Market for the second year in a row.

We grow as many heirloom varieties as possible but the ultimate measurement of our varieties is taste. We grow the varieties with the best taste even if it is a hybrid. Everybody has different opinions and preferences so 'best taste' is a hard decision. So we are particularly pleased when market customers agree with us.

The Sun Sugars are an interesting variety to grow. They have good growing characteristics, except they require more pruning than typical cherry tomatoes. When picked at early ripeness they have a slight classic tomato taste mixed with a sweet taste. As the fruits vine ripen though the slight classic flavor is replaced with a sugary taste. We dont push our luck to far, as fruits tend to drop as they ripen.

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