Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week of September 19 2011 : Squashed Truck

Here is a photo of Francie dancing in the squashed truck. Hey I am excited about the Blue Hubbards too! The photo doesnt show much of the recently squashed tail gate. It will rust quite a bit during the winter. Soon it will look more like a farm vehicle. Hopefully for Christmas I will get spongy rubbers to fix up the bumper just right.

The Blue Hubbards were a success again this year. Each year hubbards have the same sales pattern. We take bring them to the last four markets. Many people look and show interest the first two weeks but very few sell. We drive to market, and home from market, loaded down with hubbards. BAAH. But the last two weeks of market, suddenly these turn into the best sellers.

It's a big squash and its a big commitment. Even the 'small" hubbards weigh around 6 pounds. But the taste and texture are worth that commitment. Its a unique experience of sweet and nutty and dense and creamy.

So as I am loading the squashed truck for final market, I always make sure to leave several behind so we can enjoy all winter long, too.

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