Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week of September 26 2011 : First Pumpkin

Here is a photo of Francie claiming her first pumpkin. Last Halloween she was 3 months old, and not very mobile, so her first attempt to hunt a pumpkin was a bust. What a difference a year makes. Now she is very mobile!

For Nathaniel, this was a rare moment of unprompted sharing. He patiently coached Francie to pass on the small pumpkins and the green pumpkins. He guided her along the edge of the pumpkin patch until he found one worthy of his little sister.

She still doesnt understand why we want to go hunting for pumpkins. All she knew was her brother pointed and screamed when he saw this pumpkin. So she instinctively cradled it and claimed it as hers. Whatever this strange orange thing is, wow, it must special.

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